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Kitsap Car Enthusiasts, or "KCE," is the largest family-oriented club of its kind in Kitsap County, with over 3,000 members. We embrace every member and share a powerful message of appreciation and commitment to our community. KCE is not just about showcasing cars; it's about creating lasting memories with our families. We gather to celebrate anything with an engine, including cars, classics, imports, trucks, bikes, choppers, and more. Whether it's lowered or lifted, if it runs, it's invited! Join our car club community today by selecting "Join" on our Facebook page. We look forward to seeing you and your families at our upcoming events!

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Why Choose Kitsap Car Enthusiasts?

Car Shows

We host weekly events throughout Kitsap County during spring and summer. Anyone with a vehicle can show up to put their car on display. No one is turned away!


We provide networking opportunities for all group participants. Whether you need advice, a helping hand, or want to learn more about cars, Kitsap Car Enthusiasts are here to help.

Business Engagement

We support the small business community in Kitsap County by partnering with local businesses for events and sponsorships. We encourage our members to shop locally and show their support.

About Us

Kitsap Car Enthusiasts is a family-friendly car enthusiasts club. We prioritize the safety of our members, especially children who are often present at our events. Please adhere to our rules, which include no reckless driving, burnouts, or excessive revving. We aim to create an environment conducive to respectful interaction and a shared love for cars. Join us at one of our events, which you can find on our Facebook page. Have a beautiful day, and God bless you all!

About You

To be a part of our community, you should be:

  • Respectful of yourself and other car and truck owners.
  • Avoid drama and conflicts.
  • A fan of creating good memories.

Our Events

We host weekly events at various locations within Kitsap County. You can learn about these locations on our website or by joining our Facebook group. Our events are open to all car enthusiasts, and we encourage participants and attendees to support our sponsors by making purchases and showing appreciation.

Sponsorship Overview

We have an excellent group of sponsors who support us with location, technology, products, advice, and more. Our sponsors are car enthusiasts and small business owners who do a lot for Kitsap Car Enthusiasts. We recognize all of our sponsors below and profusely thank them for their unique support. Their meaningful contribution of time, effort, etc., goes a long way, giving them the opportunity to network with one another.


Sponsor 1
Paul Turner, WoodmenLife Insurance

I am honored to be your Family Life Insurance Agent!

Port Orchard, WA



Sponsor 2
That One Place Port Orchard

A community and family diner with great food!

Port Orchard, WA



Sponsor 3
Cove Coffee

Serving locally roasted coffee and delicious treats

Port Orchard, WA



Sponsor 4
South Sound Garage

Your trusted auto repair shop in Port Orchard, WA

Port Orchard, WA



To Become a Sponsor

Join us as a sponsor and showcase your brand to a wide audience. Sponsorship offers a range of benefits:

  • Increased brand visibility
  • Opportunities for product promotion
  • Networking with industry leaders
  • Recognition in event marketing materials
  • And more!

For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please message us at Kitsap Car Enthusiast Group.

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If you have questions, suggestions, or just want to chat about cars, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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